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Shellharbour City Chorale

All choirs  are held on Tuesday afternoons and evenings. Free enrolment is available for those suffering financial difficulty.





Shellharbour Children's Choir

8 - 12yrs   (Younger students by audition only)

Using traditional children's repertoire, the choir will learn to read music, harmonise and set up healthy vocal habits. 

Shellharbour Youth Ensemble 

13 - 24yrs 

Continuing on from the children's choir, this ensemble will expand their repertoire into

acapella, jazz, pop, musical theatre and classical music.

Shellharbour City Chorale


This is a community choir open to everyone wanting to learn and enjoy singing. The choir sings a wide variety of repertoire

and harmonies are added based on the skill levels of the group. 

Professional Vocal Ensemble

An auditioned group that will perform professionally. This will be an equal group where we all help to

find performance opportunities and share in costs and any profit. 

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